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Tweak the Stupid

When Mocking simply isn't enough

Tweak the Stupid: for when mocking simply isn't en
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Stupids. Life would be _so_ much simpler without these people muddying up the gene pool. But: since they are around, and Law Enforcement[1] seems to object to eliminating stupids for some reason, they do make themselves useful as a target for anonymous shenanigans. In fact they seem to often play them on themselves. Record them (propose them?) in this new community.

Simple rules:

a. Describe a shenanigan, real or proposed, where the mark is/was an equally good candidate for mock_the_stupid, or where the mark shens themselves. Remember that a tweak ususally does not include the use of high-explosives, razors, battery acid nor the calling out of the National Guard.

2. There is NO rule number two, if anybody's watching.

7. No damages, no beatings, no making sloppy joe sandwiches out of the stupids, nor feeding such to them. In the immortal words[2] of the alt.shenanigans FAQ: It ain't a shen if anyone has to change their clothes. The idea is that they are simply more befuddled than before, where any reasonable person might shake their head and think "why would anyone do that?" For instance, what would they do if their laser printer started asking for more chocolate?

IV. The usual prohibitions against flamage, spammage or general airing of your particular neurosis or psychosis are in effect. Bannings and censorings will happen, so Play Nice!

blue. More rules may be forthcoming.

Now where's "Fred" my plastic cockroach...

[1] Homeland Security, the National Guard, the Surete, you know those cool guys. Even though Law Enforcement may seem to have a high population of stupids, that's mostly because they're all serious people doing serious jobs. Don't disturb them unnecessarily.

[2] Immortal, may be, but I can't remember them, so I'll paraphrase...